Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Night Shift

Well, as expected, I let my blog rot. Maybe night shift will revive it. For those of you who never stay awake for the both sides of the light around "all night long," I could share some thoughts about how it is. It is (knock on wood) boring up here tonight. They turn the lights mostly off which helps people sleep. Only nobody here is technically allowed to sleep. Either you are a patient who has their vital signs and neuro status checked every 2 hours or you are a nurse who has to do the checking. So the dim lights just remind us all what we wish we could be doing.

But there are cool things about being up all night. Like . . . well it makes you seem a little tough. Or maybe at least tougher than you were before you had never stayed up all night before. Like me before I became a nurse. Night shift itself is also nice and serene, and for the most part, people are less likely to disturb your blogging and make you go do anything yucky. There is also frequently a ready supply of junk food and magazines--things best enjoyed in the middle of the night. And there is this crazy phenomenon that affects me in the middle of the night in the hospital where I get very ambitious and hungry for daytime and write out fabulous lists of things I need to do to get my life in order. I do sometimes follow through on these lists too. Like when I made beaded brooches for some family members for Christmas. That was born on night shift. I think Lucie likes night shift better too. She does wonder what the problem is when I sleep the day away afterwards though.

Anyway. It's night shift. The blog has taken another breath.