Sunday, May 31, 2009


Look who Paul found living in the hole Lucie dug near the compost bin! Our back yard is so exciting these days. What was the name of that old kids magazine? My Big Backyard? Between the garden, the bridge over the creek(drainage easement), the compost bin, the raspberries ripening, and now the froggy, my backyard feels very big indeed even if it is technically kind of little.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morning sewing

I am such a morning person. It's definitely the happiest and most productive time of the day for me. So I love it when I can start out doing something I really love. Today was a sewing day! Here's what greeted me after breakfast and a beautiful walk with Lucie.

The dress came out great too. I'll post it this evening sometime. But until then there's lots of lovely living to be done: fold clothes, grocery store, wash dishes including nasty tupperware that lay forgotten at work for waaay too long. It was nice to have such a sunny start to the day though!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the Live*Lovely Dress Shop

So I have a new hobby. I really have to give credit to Mike for inspiring me to pick a couple of hobbies to focus on this year. It was a great idea and has helped me know what to do when I have a little time on my hands. Thanks Mike! I picked piano and sewing. I have really been enjoying playing the piano. But I have gotten a little out of control with the sewing. I started doing some projects from a book I had, but there were no dresses in the book and that is what I had really wanted to make from the beginning. So I cut some of the pieces up and made some new pieces of my own and made a couple of dresses. They came out great! Then the wheels started turning in my head. A year or so ago I started dreaming of opening up a little boutique with cute, feminine and casual clothes for everyday life. I thought, and still think, that there is a lack of supply in that category. Everything is trying to be trendy, sexy, and flashy, which is ok in its place. But most of the time I think women are just trying to get their stuff done and feeling bad because you can't wear a sexy top to the grocery store, but you look a little shlumpy in a t-shirt and sweats. I wanted to sell clothes that filled that gap. But I sort of let the idea go when I realized that finding inventory for a store like that would be reaaaaally tough. Flash forward to me discovering I am able to sew cute and simple dresses myself. Tada . . . the live*lovely dress shop was born. Check it out at