Thursday, September 27, 2012


 It turns out that tent-forts are just as fun as I remembered them. I helped the girls build their first one today, and they were completely transported by it. I totally remember that feeling from when I was little, that inside the fort was like a complete other place, like my own house in my own world. We built a lot of forts in the Malone household. And the other thing that I vaguely remembered about forts that turned out to be right was that they create a giant mess entirely disproportional to their small size. The thing is, since being in a tent-fort makes everything special and fun, you have to bring absolutely everything you normally play with into the fort to play with, and make it special and magical too. We had babies, blankies, a picnic from the play kitchen, plastic animals, stuffed animals, furniture (besides the furniture supporting the tent) and legos, among other things, in there. What a mess, but totally worth it. (The mess was only just beginning when these photos were taken.)

Sweet little sisters

Sunday, September 23, 2012

No regrets

We went to a street party at Bull City Burgers on Saturday. I guess it was an Oktoberfest or something, I don't know. Paul was going on a dude outing and us ladies were not invited, but then his friend's girlfriend came, so we got a call and were given permission to join as well. But it was fun! They had music and sidewalk chalk and a bouncy house. And tattoos. Ella was really excited when she saw a table where people were dipping sponges in water and squeezing it out on their arms, legs, etc. She wanted to get in on that and having a tattoo was the way to do it. Once she saw what was on her arm, she wanted Daddy to have one. Then Nora. So I had to, too. I mean that's the rule right, if everyone else is getting a tattoo . . . ? That's what I wanted the girls to take away from the experience. So I went along with it. And here we are, a rough and tough Bull City Burger posse.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Delicious secrets

There are so many funny and sweet things Ella says these days, but one of my favorite running topics is her chatter about about "secrets." I think she got this from one time when I had snuck a package of fruit snacks and was eating them surreptitiously, but she caught me. I told her they were secret mommy snacks, and she didn't ask any more questions. That's the only basis I can think of for how she has determined that these little pretend boxes of food that came with our grocery cart from  the British Malones (thanks guys! we love it!) are full of secrets. She loves to pretend to eat the secrets and tells me they are really big secrets, chocolate secrets, or even ones with pink sparkles. She always makes sure Nora and I both have boxes to eat along with her, and has convinced Nora that secrets are delicious too. They both love to snack on them. It is pretty hilarious. Of course I am trying to keep the game going. But we are all enjoying it. Who doesn't love a good secret?


This morning Ella came in from her room saying, "four, oh, six, seven, oh, eight, oh, weven, twelve." I looked at her, trying to figure out what she was saying and Paul explained that he had been trying to teach her how old she would be on her next birthday. "How old will you be on your birthday?" he asked. Ella replied with happy confidence, "Orange!" Nailed it. : )

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Super Ella!

 Ella has been really into finding and wearing hats again lately--as fashion statements, not just as in funny hat. This morning she put this one on, inside out and backwards (it is this giant-brim bonnet, actually ADORABLE the right way), and decided to wear it to breakfast. We soon found out this one was chosen for a reason even more important than fashion, though. As we got to the bottom of the stairs, she held on to her hat and ran off with "My super-Ella!" (Ella says "My" instead of "I'm"). Super Ella indeed!