Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Iron Gate Winery last weekend

9 months old!

Susanna is already 3/4 of a year old! People are just always saying how babies grow up so fast, but let me say it again! It is no joke. 

At this stage in her life, Susanna is already displaying her geniushood by saying Mamamama and Dadadada in the right circumstances at times, imitating words like hi to  aiiiihhh, and trying to copy her sisters' chants. She doesn't crawl and doesn't appear to move at all, but some how stealthily gets wherever she wants to go by leaning forward onto her criss-cross legs and then sitting up again. She can stand up and cruise a teeny bit, but mostly is content to explore in sitting position. Take something she was investigating and you will be met with a blood-curdling scream. Give her something interesting and you will receive an intrigued and satisfied smile. She is as cheerful as can be except around dinner/bedtime, which let's be honest, is a hard time of day for me too. Here she is in a ( rare-for her ) brand new outfit, which I thought was very chic and representative of her South Florida and Brazil heritages with the palm trees. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Baby shoes, etc.

A few things tonight. . .  

First of all, ack! Look at these shoes. They are so cute. However the cold hard truth is that I am far too seasoned of a mother at this point to be throwing money out the window for baby shoes to use as decorations for the changing table. Babies do not wear shoes. Shoes are for walking. When you are cuddled up in a comfy bed or easy chair, do you like to wear sandals? Neither do babies.  They can't walk and they live in comfy beds and easy chairs. I feel like taking a picture of Susannie's adorable feet in these adorable shoes in the store was really the best way to enjoy them. Now we all can admire the shoes, but I didn't have to buy them. : D

Next, look and this precious wild fairy with empty glitter glue containers taped to her shirt as bud vases for the flowers she picked from our yard. I never know what she will come up with next. (See facebook feed for additional hilarious episode with Nora and glitter glue.)

Another reason to love our neighborhood? The Local Yogurt truck now parks right around the corner from our house on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It's just the excuse I needed to incorporate an ice cream treat into the weekly routine. . .  who are we kidding, I needed no excuse, just this kind of convenience. : )

Next, another still life by Ella. This is one of about forty pictures she took the other weekend in this beautiful little shop we stopped into--a boutique with lovely women's clothing and also bridal stuff. This poor bride was trying on dresses and Ella was in raptures. We have about half a dozen pictures of the bride taken while we repeatedly called and ushered Ella back away from the mirror where bride was showing gowns to her friends. Why did we not take my phone away faster? But she does have a good eye for a photo sometimes.

Last, today we had a picnic at Duke Gardens after preschool when lunch bunch was full and their lunches were packed already. Look at these three, they could almost pass for sisters eh?