Friday, November 15, 2013

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pink kitty cat and Purple kitty cat

Every night, we have an ever more complicated routine for getting the little sweeties to sleep. For now, one of the final steps is a request for "Story! Story!" Call me lazy, but rather than argue about, No, no more stories, now it's time to go to sleep, I just tell stories that are shorter than that argument. And they always feature pink and purple kitty cats doing happy and fun things (quickly) then laying down in their kitty cat beds to take their naps. It works. And pink and purple kitty cats have become a well loved part of our family culture. As more evidence that I am lazy (or efficient, extremely efficient : ) ), what did I suggest for the girls halloween costumes? Pink and purple kitty cats!

In the afternoon, we happened to be at the cafe without our costumes, but in need of them. We improvised. I love these looks.

We went to our neighborhood Halloween party in the park and saw friends, hit a pinata, got round 2 of candy before round 3, and had fun. I caught this sweet moment while they were listening to a story together at the party.