Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Two dos

Ella described the hairdo she needed to complete her ensemble the other day, and asked me to make it happen. It was a great idea and she was very proud of it.

Susanna didn't ask for this look, but it sure was cute too. : ) (Photo by Ella)

Chalk it up

I never ever would have said, "What we're looking for in a house is a really awesome driveway." But guess what. We have an awesome driveway now. Sidewalk chalk is only part of the fun. We tried out bike riding the other day and it was great (except our bikes need a little tuneup . . . Paul? Paul? are you reading?) and I know a little darlin' who just may receive a BRAND NEW CAR for her first birthday in a few days.

Driveway sweet driveway, how we love to decorate you.

Target's triple kid cart

It's a thing of wonder and supreme efficiency. Three kids corralled in one shopping cart with room for groceries?! Hooray!! But I feel like I must need a special certification on my drivers license to be permitted to maneuver it!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Photo bomb

Well, I have gotten quite behind with the blogging. I just find it too creativity squelching to pick away at one neglected post at a time til I am all caught up, so prepare for a bombardment of the best photos I wish I had blogged about this summer. Then we'll consider ourselves caught up, and I can't wait to introduce you to the new house!

And, ta da! We have now arrived at August! We are current! See you again soon.