Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Happy fun things: seeing two of my best friends ever dance with the loves of their lives to beautiful bluegrass music; watching Lucie falling over and running around in circles for joy because Mom came to visit; flower arrangement of tiger lilies, red roses and cool pink berries left for me by my boyfriend; cheering for same boyfriend while he outswam, outbiked and outran everybody else at the beach.

It's been a good few days. And the memories are delicious and long lasting. Like really good life-gum.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Birthday Gift

My how the thoughts are flowing this night shift. I had to go eat because I was starting to get sad again about my brother leaving us so soon. It is a happy thing. It's just hard to remember it's a happy thing sometimes. But it all got started when I was trying to think of the perfect birthday present for him and realized it had to be meaningful since he is leaving. But it all wound up happy when my lovely design blog friends helped me find a fun and non-meaningful gift. I can't say what it is 'til tomorrow.

So then I got going on fun little materialistic things from the design blogs. There are many pretty things out there and somehow on night shift it seems like little pretty things make life complete or at least exciting. I think it's just the hint they give towards towards capital "b" Beauty though.

I have not yet started to plan an apartment renovation, my wedding, or my life mission yet, but perhaps those will be next. I'll keep you posted.

Ahhh, night shift.