Thursday, September 13, 2012

Delicious secrets

There are so many funny and sweet things Ella says these days, but one of my favorite running topics is her chatter about about "secrets." I think she got this from one time when I had snuck a package of fruit snacks and was eating them surreptitiously, but she caught me. I told her they were secret mommy snacks, and she didn't ask any more questions. That's the only basis I can think of for how she has determined that these little pretend boxes of food that came with our grocery cart from  the British Malones (thanks guys! we love it!) are full of secrets. She loves to pretend to eat the secrets and tells me they are really big secrets, chocolate secrets, or even ones with pink sparkles. She always makes sure Nora and I both have boxes to eat along with her, and has convinced Nora that secrets are delicious too. They both love to snack on them. It is pretty hilarious. Of course I am trying to keep the game going. But we are all enjoying it. Who doesn't love a good secret?

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