Sunday, September 23, 2012

No regrets

We went to a street party at Bull City Burgers on Saturday. I guess it was an Oktoberfest or something, I don't know. Paul was going on a dude outing and us ladies were not invited, but then his friend's girlfriend came, so we got a call and were given permission to join as well. But it was fun! They had music and sidewalk chalk and a bouncy house. And tattoos. Ella was really excited when she saw a table where people were dipping sponges in water and squeezing it out on their arms, legs, etc. She wanted to get in on that and having a tattoo was the way to do it. Once she saw what was on her arm, she wanted Daddy to have one. Then Nora. So I had to, too. I mean that's the rule right, if everyone else is getting a tattoo . . . ? That's what I wanted the girls to take away from the experience. So I went along with it. And here we are, a rough and tough Bull City Burger posse.

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Anonymous said...

Love the family photo. Thanks for sharing.
- Seth at BCBB