Sunday, May 02, 2010

Out and about

Well the McCall family had a rockin and rollin saturday, and Ella did great even though she did wake up with a serious case of bedhead. : ) We got her cleaned up and ready to go in this little dress that I love:

Ella seemed pretty excited about the dress too.

And of course Mama and Daddy were loving all those pretty little smiley faces:

And off we went, first to the farmers market, then to a great craft show in Raleigh called the Handmade Market, then finally to Rob and Anna's wedding. It was a great day! Although we seriously felt like we were running top speed all day. Ella handled all the action very well, with just a little bit of crying in her carseat. She smiled at many of the people we met and slept sweetly through the boring parts. But today we are enjoying a nice quiet day at home!


Pastor Dan said...

"I wish Mom wouldn't write girly-sounding comments under my name" but Mom said, "I love that dress! She's so fashionab-ella!"

Sugar Mama said...

OF COURSE she would have a pretty little dress like that. I mean, look at her mama!! Fashionistas run in the fam i suppose :)