Thursday, February 03, 2011


It has been a bad winter for health in the McCall house. I have spared you the complaining until now, but sitting here with my sinuses throbbing and my nose dripping about a week after I finally shook the stomach bug that just wouldn't go away, I am ready to whine. Waaaaaah! I hate being sick.

But did you hear? Punxsutawney Phil came through! Let's hope the warmer weather sends all these germies packing. Speaking of packing, it's high time I mentioned here what I'm sure all of you have learned somewhere else by now. Paul and I are thinking of going on a little trip soon and leaving Ella with my parents. That is because pretty soon it will be doubly hard for us to get away on our own if you catch my drift. Yup, come this June there will be another little McCall baby! And we just found out its a girl!

Disclaimer: the ultrasound tech got a good look just a few moments in and said, yes, I'm pretty sure it's a girl, we'll get a better picture later. And then later little girl McCall was waving her little legs around like mad and we never got another good shot. So, my persistent fear of being predicted to have the wrong gender kiddo is more likely to come true this time. Oh well. We definitely saw a good heart, brain, spine and the rest. Such a lovely thing to see!

 That's about it for tonight folks. I've got to keep restocking my tissues and it sort of feels like all the gunk in my sinuses is clogging my brain too. But I wish you all a very happy early spring!

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