Monday, April 11, 2011

Crafty stuff

One thing I love to do with my mom is have her help me sew. While she was here last week, we tackled a project I had been wanting to accomplish for a while but needed her help with due to a zipper handicap I had been working under. She showed me how to put it in, and tada!, I was able to make Ella a couple of new sleep sacks. These things are just great. But they are normally pretty pricey. Since we use them every night and wear them through breakfast, and learn to walk in them, etc, we probably use 4 or 5 in our rotation. But Ella is getting so big that she was running out of room in the ones we had been using. To replace them all would have been a weeks worth of groceries! So, I just traced and old one for a pattern, but made them a little bigger. I also felt that ruffles should be added. : ) Here is the finished product. I made 2, but they were really pretty easy. There may be a few more in the works. 

And while we're talking about crafty things, let me show you what we saw in in Wilmington on Friday night . . .

It's guerilla art guys! I have heard about this and love the concept, but had never before seen in in the flesh (?) or whatever. Someone attached a whole bunch of keys to a construction fence, waaaaay more than are pictured, and then in the middle of the whole stretch, attached that knitting. Love is the key? Is that what they are getting at? That's my interpretation anyway. A nice message I think. But anyway it was so cool to see this. I wish we had a guerilla knitter in my town.


The Brood said...

your LOVE picture reminded me of a tower or wall or something that my sister in law has spoken of. They live in South Korea and there is this tower where couples place locks and throw away the key. The wall is just full of locks symbolizing love shared. Google South Korea Locks of Love and you'll find a bunch of cool pictures! This was a particularly good link:

Emily said...

Cool! That does look really similar. And the symbolism of the locks is neat too. I wonder if anything like that was behind the keys . . . but the ones in wilmington looked more temporary. Thanks for sharing that!