Friday, May 20, 2011

Big day

It was an exciting day at the McCall house. We had our first two showings, after not having anyone come to look for a whole week! I thought the house was looking very pretty . . . let's hope our potential buyers did too. I can see how the frantic cleaning and then driving around could get old if you had to do it a whole lot. But Ella and I did have a pretty good time lighting up the town this afternoon.

First, we went to visit Paul at work which was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day and where he works is a really fun place for a kid to adventure, complete with huge grassy lawns, little rivers and waterfalls, sculptures of alligators and dinosaurs, and lots of bridges and walkways. Ella was delighted to see Daddy of course. She also loved climbing around. I wish I had brought my camera!

Later in the afternoon for round two of showings we went for frozen yogurt and then to the playground. The only problem was that the entire rest of our town also thought getting frozen yogurt on a beautiful friday afternoon was a good idea. There are 2 competing yogurt places in our town, or at least in our family. They are both good, but Tutti Fruity (where we went today) is much cheaper, slightly less good and always INSANELY crowded. Local Yogurt costs mo' money, but is yogurt heaven and usually not as crowded. Score one in my mind for LoYo today. But still, the whole town was right, yummy yogurt was the perfect thing for this afternoon. Ella cried when it was all gone.

We went to the park after that and Ella loved it. We have just found this park near our house that has toddler sized play stuff. There is no 25 foot tower for her to scale, and the slides are fun, not frightening. This makes Mama and Ella happy. Also, we ran into our friends from church for the second of 2 times at this location. Super!

If all that wasn't enough excitement, we have been practicing using utensils today! This morning Ella spooned her own yogurt at breakfast. (It worked out ok because all she had to do was dip her spoon in and yogurt would stick to it, which she could then lick off.) It was so cool to watch the intensity of her effort and to see her satisfaction at being able to do it herself. So this evening I let her try her chicken nuggets with a fork. Yes it was a grownup fork and I guess this could be considered dangerous, but her tiny plastic fork would never have worked and she did a great job with the real thing! She ate all of her pieces with the fork, sometimes cutely picking up the piece to help put it on, then pulling it off and putting in in her mouth with her hand. I gave her raisins for dessert and she was so into her fork that she asked for it again. And sure enough, she ate all her raisins with a fork too. Or at least holding a fork.

I'm dizzy from all the action today!

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