Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New house

 Well, here it is folks! Our new house! It seems like I've been waiting so long to be able to say that! But we finally closed yesterday. And then got a call from the realtor saying that the deed was unable to be written and filed yesterday so we should not go to the house yet for liability reasons . . . ARGH! Today it was written though, and we went. : ) We took a few pictures, pulled down a few cobwebs and thought, ohmygoodnesswehavealottodo.

Ella was unfazed by the work prospect. Duct tape in hand, she was ready to go.

On second thought, Dad maybe you should get started . . .

On third thought, nevermind, let's just enjoy the porch.

Don't worry, you will soon be drowning in photos of the inside and the work going on, I suspect. But for now, let's just all enjoy the porch.

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Megan Legate said...

ohmygoodness. its even prettier than i remembered!! i am so excited for you guys!!!