Friday, September 09, 2011

I took granite for granted

So, it is majorly go time now at the new house. Most of the background stuff like plumbing and framing has been done, and now it is time to build cabinets, finish floors, install fixtures etc. Fun! Except I am not allowed in there because I am a breastfeeding woman who pretty much always has two little babies in tow and there is lead dust everywhere. This leaves a lot for Paul to do. Thankfully a lot of the work is being done by contractors. But the clock is ticking for the time when the dust will be clean and we'll be arranging the furniture. We are out of our current house next week and I will be moving the girls into the new house just 2 weeks after that! (In the meantime I will be with them in Florida while Paul gets things finished up and does a little thing he has to do called work.) All that to say we are picking things out at a fast and furious rate these days. The vanity has finally been settled on and ordered. And the kitchen cabinets are in the house! (Unfortunately, they are flat and waiting to be assembled. When you buy from Ikea what you really get is a cabinet-making kit, more than a set of cabinets : / but you do get a good deal if you don't count your own hourly rate.) And to bring you around to the topic of what these pictures are of, the other day we went to Marble Unlimited to pick out granite for a section of our countertops.

Have you ever been to a place like this? I had no idea that granite was so, well, big. It was amazing to see these slabs in the lot. I know quarries are really big and that's where they get the stuff, but somehow I imagined it coming in little countertop-sized pieces. This is much cooler. Aren't they pretty? And boulder-sized? (babies included for scale)

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