Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Hi again friends! This post is coming to you straight from . . . . not the new house yet. Sighhhh. We are back in our home sweet home town and staying with our friends who are just so great and hospitable. I hope we will be in the new house very very soon. And let's just leave it at that for this post, because why moan about things you can't change right?

Let me show you some of the fun things we did down south. We had a fantastic time. It turns out the town where I grew up is a great place to entertain a toddler (and tote around a tiny sleeping angel). I did remember it being fun as a kid . . . Take a look.

Here we are

Dancing to Britney Spears playing while we walked to the drugstore near my parents house ( you gotta love the face on our little dancing queen ):

Running more laps, this time around a pool--fun!:

Goofing off with Granddaddy:

Swinging with Uncle "Doe" ("Doe" and "vroom vroom" were very frequently linked in Ella's conversation down there. He had just gotten a motorcycle. She was extremely impressed.):

Hanging our at Young at Art, an awesome kid's museum that is basically wonderland for someone Ella's age. (Her comment about this was "vroom vroom" too):

Nora enjoying Young at Art:

Visiting Butterfly World, where you walk through lots of butterfly atriums and enjoy gajillions of butterflies fluttering by:

Nora enjoying Butterfly World:

Playing at this AWESOME sprinkler playground. I was dying to get in and play too! (Ok, I did get in and play too a couple of times.) ; )

Nora enjoying the sprinkler playground:

Phew! It was a great time. It felt more like, everybody limbo!!!, than limbo. : )

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