Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The big ONE

Nora's birthday was a big day! Unfortunately, she woke up with a cold. But it was still a good introduction to the birthday concept for her. She figured out how to open her presents (with Ella's help).

She loved the little Mr. and Mrs. Farmer that came with her farm set.

Ella really liked the farm set too of course. : ) They both had a great time playing with it.

And then, THEN, there was the birthday cake part! After one false start (Ella was just a little too excited and blew the candle out the first time),

Nora was ready to enjoy her cake!

And enjoy it, she did! With gusto!

Until it just got out of control and we had to stop and clean up.

But it was a great day for our beautiful and sweet little Nora! We love you, darling girl!

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