Sunday, August 26, 2012


 I mentioned we had a great time when Paul's family came to visit us last month. And then we had another great time when we went down to Florida to visit my family. Seriously, they were just precious times of being together with people who we love and don't see enough. Maybe the just family-ness of being together made me not think to take pictures? Or maybe it was the craziness? (As my sis-in-law reminded me, you know you are a SAHM when a family vacation feels like work, and a trip to Target alone feels like a vacation. ; ) ) Anyway, I do have a few little reminder photos of our times here and there.

Oh how we love the pink tutu dresses. The only thing better than my two little babes in pink tutu dresses, is my little babes plus their baby cousin in pink tutu dresses. : ) And dancing, at that. : )

In Florida we did a lot of fun things too, but one well photographed fun activity was making hats out of foil and pipe cleaners with my mom. I get the play cafe thing honestly! My mom was a preschool teacher and has such a knack for having fun with small ones.

Also, here is my new sis-in-law, Liz! Hi Liz!

And here is a photo of my children covered in spaghetti sauce, half naked, playing with rocks outside of Olive Garden in some random town we drove through on the way home. It was a long drive folks, and we started to forget to act right by dinner time. But the beauty of it is that no one who looked at us amusedly, but pityingly, will ever see us again! : )

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