Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Toddlers in tiaras

The thing about digital photos is that they just kill your discipline in terms of prioritizing the right images to capture. You get better pictures for sure. But you get SO MANY PICTURES. Paul just got back from a trip to Colorado in which he and his buddies took a hike documented by ONE THOUSAND photographs. It was only one dayhike. He was showing me a few and when I noticed we were on 257 of 1000, I panicked. He then, more carefully, picked a few more favorites to show me and we were through. I really enjoyed the 30 or so we saw. But holy moly. (Paul's friend was the photographer, not him. I don't know when the last time Paul took a photo was. Maybe someone should tell him about digital. ; ) )

Anyway. I am now going to succumb to my lack of photo discipline and post 4 shots that are almost exactly the same. But this moment was so cute and I just couldn't choose. They put on their crowns by themselves--it was part of an involved racing game, I think. I made them stop to pose because real toddlers in tiaras will just slay you with cuteness. Not sure if tiaras are better than sunglasses or not, but I loved them like this.

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