Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mmmmm . . . God bless Texas.

 We visited Paul's family in Austin for Thanksgiving this year. It is a really pretty place and it was great to spend time with family we don't get to see often. Here are a few snapshots from our trip

There was major excitement in anticipation of the airplane portion of out trip. When we took off, Ella was so delighted! I wish I felt that way on planes. Thankfully their enthusiasm buoyed them for the hour and a half runway sit we had before our second 2.5 hour flight began (that and our newly beloved My Little Ponies!). They were such troopers. Ella's only complaint toward the bitter end was one, "I want to get off this plane!" Nora slept for the last 2 hours including the landing. Bless them.

So, I have gotten worse and worse about photo documentation lately it seems. Unfortunately you will only see one adult (Vov^o) in the following photos. But we were all looking on at the cousins' fun with happiness of our own.

At the Austin Zoo we tried for a grandchildren picture. I didn't get a winning photo, but just for the general amusement of trying to get six kids to smile into direct sunlight at once, here are my tries:

A cute little monkey at the zoo. (See how she's making the monkey's mouth? What a smarty pants.)

In the background of this happy photo, you can sort of see the glass shelves Paul installed for his parents while we were there.

And this photo shows another delightful feature of Paul's parents' new house!

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