Sunday, November 02, 2014

More fun in Merry-land!

In late September, we spent another weekend in Merry-Land. This time it was with both sets of our parents. It was Susanna's first trip, and she was almost the exact same age Nora was the first time she went. It was a shorter visit, but we still had time to jetski, watch Frozen a few times, walk the boardwalk, visit the ponies, and eat LOTS of Dumsers.

Since it was my Dad's (60TH!) birthday, we decided to celebrate by soaking up some great bluegrass at the festival going on that weekend. A good time was had by all! My parents really enjoyed the music, the older girls had a great time dancing and running around, Paul and I got to go on a date to hear the late evening session (woo!), and Susanna got to practice her smiles while the music played. She did some of her very first best intentional smiles on this trip. What a treat!

I had a hard time capturing the really cute ones, but I still love these photos and the way a new baby learns to smile. Even though she doesn't quite know how to control it, she goes all the way with these huge open-mouth smiles. Love them!

So blessed to spend time in this lovely place with family we love.

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