Sunday, December 21, 2014

Preschool and Halloween

This year either Ella or Nora is at school every day Monday through Friday. Preschool has been a large part of our life!  We have had birthday parties, field trips, playdates, notes sent home from friends and lots of holiday enthusiasm. Photos from some of the fun!:

a best friend's mermaid/dance birthday party . . . could it get any more fun??

field trip to the farm

the halloween parade at school--this was a

Also, related, our neighborhood has a big halloween party in the park every year as seen below

Ella was a mermaid and Nora was Cherry Jam (the pop star character from Strawberry Shortcake, also a in our house.)

field trip to the Duke homestead to learn about early American Christmas traditions. Doesn't Ella look like she's walking in a postcard here? 

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