Friday, October 23, 2015


The McCall family homeschool is in session this fall! We are getting into the swing of things. I am loving that we get to set our own swing of things. So far this lifestyle is great for us. We are having a lot of fun learning about our neck of the woods, how to read, etc. Here are some snippets. (For more, visit

We have been watching the birds in our backyard and attempting to lure them closer with pinecone bird feeders. These were more successful than I hoped and are now pretty much picked clean.

We've also just been collecting some (lots of) cool nature specimens like the whoseywhatsit Susanna is examining below. Yes, that is the technical name, a homeschool teacher must be strict about that kind of thing.

As part of our tree study, we practiced some stick/wood appreciation and built teepees and log cabins out of the materials our trees so generously provided.

Our pretty lake . . .

One morning when we needed to shake off a funk, we went to the NC Museum of Art. We played outside in their landscape art area once we had exhausted our approximately 13 minutes of attention span for the indoor pictures. (Not bad right?)

We found some gorgeous blueberry looking things growing on the edge of the path.

And some pink grass

And a sculptural backdrop for a pretty photo

And a heron on the edge of the pond!

And a cool leaf

Then it was time to pose with the leaf.

Then it was time to just pose.

Susanna did some collecting too.

I love this sculpture. It looks like a real tree, but it is gleaming silver. So cool.

We have some friends in town who also are a family with three daughters and we have been getting together once a week to play and do some larger group activities together.

So far we give homeschool an A+!

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