Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Nap

Wow, it's been just about exactly a year since my last post. Something about fall that makes me want to be reflective and eloquent, I guess. In a years time I've had a lot to reflect on, too. But what I wanted to say today was that it's extremely qu*** (real as can be nursing superstition) on the unit, and I was sitting here reading and resting but feeling a little guilty about not doing my job. So I went around to check on my patients and all of them are peacefully sleeping! That has never happened to me before. In the hospital, you hope for healing, but it is really rare to get sleep. And for 5 people at once to be snoozing away in the middle of the day is just about unheard of. I realized, it is the sabbath. How wonderful. So I quietly came back and sat down here for my own rest. Praise God for giving some sick and sore people and their tired nurse some peace today.

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