Wednesday, June 18, 2008

b b b b b bad

Today I am not at work and it's not night. Seems like an unlikely time to post if you go by the pattern of the rest of what I've put up. But the other day when I was talking about how I love reading my blogs, my friend Beth said "you should blog, Emily." I told her I didn't think I could put up much worth reading and that I didn't like being in the spotlight, but apparently that was a lie because here I am again.

I think what would help this be worth looking at is pictures. So let's try one.

This picture is super nerdy, but also, I think, fun. Paul and I had an incredibly nerdy and fun time on this thing in Roatan. Underneath the picture in our album it says "b b b b b bad" which Paul said made things even worse. But seriously, aren't we? We took this thing all over the island of Roatan visiting things like deserted beaches, roadside mango trees, touristy ziplines and an iguana farm. I loved it.

That was before our anniversary. Now we are lightyears (2 weeks) past our first year, and life is
good. And that is definitely worth blogging about, right? : )

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