Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Ella!

Yesterday baby Ella was 4 weeks old and tomorrow she will be one month. What a month! The time has flown!--except certain occasions in the middle of the night where we did the paci plug q2min for hours on end. But she is getting bigger and bigger and more and more human.

Last night we had one of those pacifier marathons while poor Ellie struggled with her ferocious tummy. We were all a bit irritated with the tummy by this morning, especially when it threatened to disrupt her breakfast too. But sweet Ella gave me such a special treat--while we were trying to re latch for the 12th time or so she looked up and took notice of the wreath-framed fabric I decorated her room with. She stared at it calmly for a few minutes, looking intently from one pattern to the next. Not quite a smile, but I think she really liked it! I was so happy that she wanted to look at something pretty I put up for her. Maybe we can be friends along with Mommy-Baby!

And, here she is sucking her thumb for the first time (I admit, I helped her find it--we've got to solve the nighttime paci problem). Isn't she cute?

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Sugar Mama said...

Like mother like daughter!! I know someone else who was attached to their thumb :)

Love it. I knew your baby girl would have an eye for interior decorating :)