Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday-Tax Day

Today was Ella's one month birthday! And tax day! At first I couldn't decide whether to give her a pretty birthday outfit or have her wear this onesie which can really only be worn today without making poor Ella feel like she's being used. But then I thought, this beautiful baby can totally rock the tax deduction onesie and have it be a pretty birthday outfit all at the same time. Results below:Not the best smile, but hey maybe at 2 months. We had a nice birthday out on the town. We picked up Ella's birth certificate, a nice birthday activity I think. Then we went down to a store in Morrisville called the Diapering Doula. Very cool place with ALL KINDS of cloth diapering stuff and Moby wraps. I got a Moby wrap. And when Ella sizes up on diaps we will definitely head down there to check out all the options. There will be more about the Moby wrap in a future post perhaps. But the final activity was another trip to the library to return baby care books and pick up more baby care books. My life has definitely taken on a theme lately!


Sar said...

Hey friend! Love the onesie :)

I'd love to know which route you decide to go with cloth dipes. I'm loving the experience thus far...but man is it a learning curve to figure out what to buy! Do you know about Mamas from all over buy/sell their new and used diapers...and carriers too. I've gotten some great deals there.

Ella is so cute...I can't wait to meet her :)


Sugar Mama said...

love the onsie!!!