Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Packing . . .

So we are getting ready to go to Florida for Megan's bridal shower. Woo! The picture above is Ella helping me pack. The picture below shows how we feel about all the preparations and the plane ride and everything:

This is seriously the most involved packing list I think I have ever made. At least for a trip this long. I have been rehearsing how we will go through the airport, what we will do and what we will need on the plane, thinking about how many outfits and supplies we'll need for the trip itself with cute outfits for both of us for the shower and Mothers Day, and trying to remember gifts and other things I need to transport down there. Yikes! Having a little one really complicates everything. At least they serve Dunkin Donuts coffee on my Jet Blue flight. Maybe I will be able to talk the poor soul who sits next to us into mixing up my cream and sugar for me while I hold Ella. I am thinking about bringing earplugs for that person as well. Do you think it would be a nice gesture? ; )

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Sugar Mama said...

yay!! im so excited!!