Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nora Grace is here!

Well our sweet little Nora Grace McCall arrived just after midnight on the 1st of July! Since then we've been settling in and, as predicted, drowning in cuteness with our two little angels. If I sound overly chipper for a mama who has just given birth, I will say that although I am definitely dealing with all the first week postpartum things, I have discovered what is meant by the concept of "easy baby" and I am delighted, if somewhat bewildered, by it. Nora just sleeps until she's hungry, squeaks a little, eats, and after some knowing looks, drifts right back off and turns into a warm little bundle that just melts over your chest and darn near makes you fall asleep too. This is so different than our first week with our first little angel. We'll see how it goes as time moves on, but I am so thankful for how restful this time has been!

Here is some of what we've been up to in our first few days as a family of 4:

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