Saturday, July 09, 2011


If you'll recall, I posted a while back about my complaints with the way carseats and strollers work in general. I was new at the whole thing and not yet used to all the wrestling that is a part of a mother's daily life. So I got over all that. Kinda. But when my parents generously offered to chip in for something we needed for our new little Nora, I knew just what I wanted.

This is not the Orbit stroller I was in love with back then, but our needs have changed. We are onto the double stroller phase. (Have you noticed what a hot topic double strollers are around the soon-to-be/newly parents of two crowd? Bring it up and you can easily start a fairly passionate 15 minute discussion.)  We thought and thought about it and settled on this one from Britax, the B-Ready. I had gotten a Baby Trend double stroller from our friends and reliable baby-need-suppliers Pat and Brenda, but since their report was the Sit and Stand was only good until the babies got a little bigger, after which it became totally unmaneuverable, I was looking around for a more permanent option and jumped at the chance to get this thing. Take a look:

It can be a solo stroller if you just leave the top seat on. But you can add a baby seat or another kids seat in just about any configuration of top and bottom you can think of. And it is not that big. And it is easy to push. And has lots of storage and a good handle and we love it so far! I'll let you know if we start to have complaints with it, but the initial impression is, ooooh, coool. 

Ella and Nora agree:

Here it is in action at one of our favorite strolling spots, the farmers market:


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