Friday, January 13, 2012


Here is a picture of Ella with two hairbows. It is what she asked for.

She has been learning about numbers lately and frequently asks for two of something if its good. "Cookie. two." is a frequent request. It has been so entertaining to hear what she says as she's figuring it all out. At first she would just repeat "fwee . . . fwee . . . fwee" in a counting voice. Then she added other nonsense syllables mixed in with "four, five, nine . . . five!!!" She started getting that "two" actually means there are more than one of something some time after that, and started in with the "cookie. two." "cracker. two." or "bows. two." requests. Paul told her the other day what "many" means and she likes to use that one now, as well. But my favorite little addition yet is when she asks for "cookie. two. five."

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