Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome friends

My mom says that when we moved to Florida and were staying in our house before the movers brought our things, it felt really strange and foreign. But then when the furniture arrived it was like seeing all her old friends. Last weekend, we make a couple of new friends in that sense that I hope will grow to be old and dear ones.

First of all, let me introduce you to our new teal velvet chair. He came to us very clean and stylish, just with  a few old tattoos in discreet places, from the Habitat ReStore. Fruit of that same day of thrifting was that "Rembrandt" hanging on the wall above the chair. (Somebody painted something that looks impressionist. The signature appears to say "Blech." It was framed in Raleigh. It has some paint chipping off in the middle. It was only $10. I sort of liked it, ok? The wiseguy/crazy man at the counter at Goodwill went on and on about how "It could be a Rembrandt. Guffaw, guffaw. You never know. Guffaw guffaw." Thanks, crazy man. You never know.)

Next please meet a total gift from God by way of a very thoughtful and generous neighbor. You may remember the "industrial chic" garage shelves we were using to hold our food. Happily they have found their way into our activity room and are now holding sports equipment. Instead, we have a beautiful new solid wood cupboard. Our nice neighbor e-mailed our neighborhood listserve to give it away, for FREE! And we were the lucky ones to claim it. I will tell you, as I was walking down the street to look at it, I was praying specifically that this would be what we needed for the kitchen. You never know what a "free hutch" is going to turn out to be. It was even better than expected. Why would God answer my random, thrown up prayer for a pretty place to store our food? Friends, I do not know. But I am thankful.

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Megan Legate said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE that hutch!!!