Thursday, February 16, 2012

The activity room

We are back in business! Today I did my inaugural sewing project in the new house. It is so nice to have my sewing machine set up again. Somehow it makes it feel like I'm really home even though we've been here 4 months now. What did I make? A little throw pillow cover that involved no cutting and took about 15 minutes. Perfect. : ) But now I'm all geared up for the dress order I'll be sewing next week.

Want to see the rest of the room? It's great because there's space for a little play area for the girls. They dig it.

It feels so good to have this room functional! For so long it had been that room that you don't go in because you just about can't, due to all the junk in the way. It was always "the activity room" in my mind. But for a while there, some had taken to calling it "the storage room." Hopefully it's purpose will be clear to all from here on out. I should also mention that in the side of the room I'm shooting from, Paul has some of his activities too. But somehow shelves of tents, bike equipment, and fishing stuff didn't call out to me to photograph them. Just my taste, I guess, sorry Paul!

In other news, Ella has learned "smile" and "picture." Our sweet and funny cousin Isobel has been cutely mugging for the camera for ages, but Ella has just figured it out. Sort of. Frequently she'll say "Picture. Smile." and then crouch or lay down on the floor while looking tentatively at the camera. Then she always wants to see of course.

Nora's a bit more natural at this stage of the game. : )

My funny girls.

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