Thursday, February 09, 2012

Oh, you again

Regular visits from the stomach flu were an unexpected part of motherhood for me. I used to expect to be sick to my stomach somewhere around once every 5 years. Ella is not 2 yet and this is my third stomach flu since she was born. (On top of and totally separate from morning sickness. I am really honing my puking skills.) My dear babies bring me these things and what can I do but pick them up, baby and bug together. Poor little Ella was miserable with this thing yesterday. She would cry "no no no no no" whenever she was about to throw up, and made several pitiful little declarations of " I sick." It was a non-negotiable, and was really somehow sweet also, that I was able to snuggle her and hold her most of the day. So. Today is my day on the couch. I'm in for it. But thank God, Paul is here for some non-negotiable sweetness today. I don't know what I'd do otherwise. Same day airfare, Mom?

So, I do have a sick picture of me, that I took to go along with this one, but guys, I just can't post it. Come take care of me when I'm sick sometime (shouldn't be long!) and you can see me in all my pale, sad, and listless glory. But I cannot put it on el internet. But here is a picture of the little one who came to comfort me with a sympathetic "Mommy sick."

This was written yesterday. But thankfully today we are back to playing. 

As for the dishes and the laundry, they should recover mid-next week I expect. 

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