Friday, May 18, 2012


Eeeek! Sorry guys, it got to be way too long again. I have several excuses, 1. I am so tired. Sleep has not been that regular of a thing the last few weeks. Teeth and thunder are two of the culprits. 2. My thoughts have been consumed with a project I'm working on, which I will share more about later. (That is, when my thoughts are not just chased away altogether by the constant stimuli of adorable girls crawling around, needing love, food, water, and potty, and generally tearing things apart.) 3. Um, I forget. Did I mention I'm tired?

Anyhoo. I took some cute photos this morning that document one sweet phase of our daily life these days in a roundabout way. Every morning, when Paul leaves for work on his bike, he gives hugs and kisses to us all, and also offers his helmet to Ella for her to "knock-knock" on. She loves it. This morning she put a basket on her head and requested that I knock-knock, because she was leaving for work. Then she wanted me to put one on too, so she could knock-knock on mine. It was a little scary, we are still (STILL) working on "gentle." Also, a bike helmet is more protective for your noggin than a basket. But it was pretty cute too, so I went along with it.

Nora thought this was all pretty funny. She is starting to show her sense of humor. When I laughed at her chewing on a sock this morning, she repeated it about five times in a row, giggling after each time she'd take it out of her mouth.

She was willing to try the basket helmet too. I kept Ella from knock-knocking her though.

As far as Ella is concerned, a basket is the "It" headpiece of the moment. What can I say? She wears it well.

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