Monday, May 07, 2012


Hi again! We're still here and ok and everything, don't worry! I just kinda forgot to blog lately. I'd say, "We've been really busy," but I think probably you will get less tired of hearing that if I just encourage you to assume, and know, that we are always incredibly busy these days. If we ever get bored, I will tell you explicitly. Otherwise just assume that my two little toddlers are keeping me VERY BUSY.

But anyway, here are two little videos to show you some of what we've been up to these days. First of all, a couple weeks ago, we went to Asheville. It was really fun, and low key, but the important thing in my mind was that it gave us a little confidence that it is possible, and even enjoyable to take our two babies on a little weekend trip. Maybe we'll do that again sometime soon! Here is Nora crawling in some luscious grass and Ella trying to figure out how to get a manhole open at the NC botanical gardens.

I find this next little clip pretty funny, and fairly representative of the little two year old 'tude we are dealing with these days. What a little personality Ella is developing! Sweet, sassy and silly all mixed in together. I do want to tell you that all the "I'm pretty!" stuff at the beginning is not her bragging. I figured out that when I tell her to say cheese for a picture, she gives a big CHEEEEEESE face that is more like a fishie face than a smile. But if I tell her to say "I'm pretty!" she gives me a sort of flattered and shy smile. Works like a charm normally. Here ya go!

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