Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Christmas!

 We had our first Christmas as a family at home this year! It was really nice. Some snaphots of the happy day are below. First, the quietly pleased expression on Ella's face as she first laid eyes on the presents, "Ha. It actually happened." : )

Nora wanted to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas pretty much exclusively at first. I had a very hard time getting her to come downstairs, she only wanted to read the little yellow Bible she is holding here. I finally convinced her to come if she could bring it. She kept returning to read it even in the midst of opening all the presents. She has her priorities in place people.

One of the biggest hits of the day, light-up fancy pens.

Opening these adorable ladybug and turtle riding toys sent by Aunt Donna. They do 360s!

Later that day, Grandma and Granddaddy arrived to hugs, kisses and much adoration. They brought more presents too! We had a ball, reading,



and making music!

What a happy, festive day! Happy birthday Jesus! Thank you for coming to our world and giving us a reason to be so joyful!

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