Friday, April 26, 2013

Nieces and nephews and Gramma's big day!

We had two little beautiful babies born into the Malone family last winter, and I got to spend some time with their cute little smiley faces over the last few weeks. What little sweetie pies!

Part of the reason I got to see those little sweeties was that Gramma had a big birthday this month! We had a lovely time celebrating her with breakfast at the pier, a little piano concert for me of some of her favorites from ALL the Psalms she has set to music and memorized in time for her birthday ( I repeat, my amazing mother has memorized all the psalms and music to go along with them), a plantarium show, and some delicious steak on the grill. I am so thankful for my Mom's 60 years. The more I learn about mothering, the more I am struck by the wonderful work my Mom did in guiding me through my growing up. What an inspiration and what a great friend! Love you Mom.

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