Thursday, April 04, 2013

Visit from Mah-maw and Pee-paw

We spent the last week and a half hosting Paul's parents while the girls enjoyed some sweet grandparent time. They got their first look at our little cafe and helped us around the house. They are in between houses right now, moving to Austin (which is great!-because Paul's sister lives there too and it will make visits so much easier (second side-note, thank you to all my stateside family for all living in the same town as well. Mike, well, at least where you live is exciting and exotic, but work on that proximity thing. ; ) ) ). The girls were delighted to have so much time with them, and as is their fashion after a beloved guest leaves, are continuing to look for them in the magical guest room that is normally shut, but every so often opens to reveal that a super exciting family member or friend is sleeping inside. "Mah-maw?" Nora asks and points to the door. : ( Nora christened Vovo and Granddaddy McCall as "Mah-maw and Pee-paw" while they were here. I'm sure she will call them by their right names someday soon, but I thought this was extremely cute. My mom was "Bah-maw" for a while when Ella was learning to talk.

Here are some photos from their visit.

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