Sunday, March 29, 2015

Catching up

 Yikes! I am so behind on what we have been up to lately. I find it so hard to dig back through the backlog, I love to do this while things are fresh, but there is so much I've missed posting that I will have to try some rapid fire updating! '

Here are a few things we've been up to:
First of all, learning to sit! This was one of Susanna's first times trying it out, and she was so delighted. She also loves that little princess girl. Sitting with her princess and her paci . . . life does not get much better at 6 months old!

Next, Ella had asked me to order some clay for her to work with, and both the big girls have made some really cool things, but here is the highlight from our first attempts: beads decorated with marker and strung as a bracelet and necklace. Ella did all the work herself. She loves to come up with and execute projects. She is Miss Independent.

Nora loves to put together mixtures and layers of things in art, building, and play. I was so tickled to see her flying her Polly Pockets and ponies around in a shoe airplane the day I took this photo. It is just the kind of thing she loves to set up.

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