Saturday, April 25, 2015

Arty Party!

We had Ella's 5th birthday party at Bull City Craft. We love that place--they were our business buddies with Stay & Play and the owners are just great people. Also they throw a great birthday party, especially for a budding young artist like our darling Ella. It may have been the most enjoyable party I have ever hosted, partially because I felt like I was attending rather than hosting. It was so easy. And fun. The store is so cute, the kids all loved the crafts, we just brought coffee and cake and hung out with Ella's friends, and then we got to go home to our house which was just as we left it. Ahhhh. The ease of the party away from home. : ) The most complicated piece of the whole thing was the cake. Ella had been describing and drawing me pictures of what she wanted, which was basically a wedding cake, for months. I do what needs to be done in the kitchen, but am not a natural cook, and this was a bit out of my league. Thankfully my friend Kelly passed me a recipe and some tips and I was able to make something that Ella was happy enough with. (Thanks Kelly!) Clearly I am not ready for Cake Boss, or whatever that show is. But I did make a cake with two tiers. It's a first step. The decorating of the cake actually proved to be the most tricky part. Icing a cut cake edge is no joke. Also, strawberries are slippery (duh, how did I not realize that would be a problem?). But it did taste good. Here are the photos of the whole event. I think the birthday girl had a blast too.

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