Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunshine girl

From the day Susanna was born, I could tell she was sweetness. It is so funny to see little personalities unfold--I really feel like I could see the beginnings of each girl's personality even in their newborn little selves. But boy was I right about Susannie. She just loves to be happy. She does fuss heartily if she has a legitimate complaint, but she loves to have a good time. She will look at you, squinch up her face into a delighted flirty smile and laugh, just to make a little joke. You can have whole conversations with her that are just, "ha ha! ha ha ha hahaha!!" She is our little sunshine girl who just seems to love life and laughter. I can't wait to know her as a more developed person. I think she's going to be really fun.

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