Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A day in the life

I seem to have found myself camera happy the other day and would therefore like to present you with a day in the life of 3 dear sisters. 

Moment 1: Susanna has been cast the role of Thomas the cow in some scenario her big sisters came up with. I was instructed to put her in the boat. She is waiting for further directions, happily.

Moment #2 Gymnastics show!!

Moment #3: Ella has done Nora's hair in a special hairdo/knot and she has to be still until we can
photograph it . . . check.

Moment #4: I am finally helping the girls make the cupcakes decorated like popcorn (you'll see), that they had been desperate to make. They found a picture in the cupcake decorating book that has so inspired them lately. I'm told we have to do penguins next. We'll see.

 It was a good day. : )

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