Sunday, September 13, 2015

Susanna is one!

Our little Susannie turned one last month!! The day was full of festivity and fun. First she got to open her presents.

Then it was time to help her sisters with their pre-waffle snack. (Saturday morning is our waffle morning, but sometimes we have to have a little snack to hold us over while we wait for the waffles to be ready.)

Susanna's own pre-waffle snack was blueberries, her very favorite thing to eat, I think.

Later on, of course we had cake!

So at one year old, here are just a few other little tidbits about our sweet Susannie-pie.

She loves apples. Especially she loves to have a whole one she can crawl around with and gnaw on. She relishes them with delight and with gusto.

She loves her big sisters, and they love her.

Here she is with her new birthday outfit from the British Malones. Yay for birthday outfits!

 A couple of randoms staged by Ella:

The other morning while the big girls were in school, I took little Susanna over to the mall baby climbing area. It had been a while since this place was McCall family speed. But boy did she love it! I think it actually inspired her to finally take those first few steps she has been considering for so long. Video of that to come!

Also, so inspired was she by all the climbing at the mall, she has taken it up at home too. She got in here all by herself before I even saw her doing it.

I tried to take one photo without the paci and this is the face I got. Haha!


Sweet one-year-old Susannie girl we love you for your spark, your giggles, your sweet snuggles and your zest for life. Can't wait to see how you continue to grow in the years ahead!

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