Saturday, September 12, 2015

The three girls, and our canoe

With three years between Nora and Susanna and only a little over one between Ella and Nora, sometimes the big girls are up to different activities than the little one. But it is really fun to see them start to do some things together. 

Truth be told, Susanna did not enjoy this canoe ride as much as the rest of us. She was like, why did you stuff me into this weird vest where I can't move?! I'm going to do my best to thrash out of it.

Also, we got a canoe!!! It is super. I love a canoe. Thanks for finding a great one Paul! This baby has 3 seats, a waterproof container, and is generally awesome.

Here's a shot of Paul with the big girls out in the middle of our lake. There goes my heart in a canoe! (Susanna was cuddled up in my arms when this was taken. So part of my heart was in my arms too I guess.)

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