Friday, July 01, 2016

Nora is 5!!

 Nora turned 5 today!! She is blossoming into a good thinker, honest speaker, hilarious joker, talented builder, graceful dancer, and continues to be my wild fairy! We had a very happy day here in Merry-Land!

This cake, while simple, came out so SO much better than my poor attempt at holding Ella's cake together by the crumbs as it fell apart while I iced it, that I just had to capture a photo to preserve my self esteem.

A special feature of Nora's day, and our visit here this time is that Aunt Debbie was with us!

It was mostly a rainy day today, which was perfect for reading our new books and playing with the new Lego Friends set. But before it got really wet, we hit the Ocean City boardwalk!

Ella has taken some cute pictures lately! Handy to have such a talented and willing photographer around!

Birthday presents!

Yesterday, just to tack on a few more photos, we hit the beach, and the Assateague Life of the Marsh trail. Such a pretty walk! Susanna is saying something like "Horseys!" in this photo. They are just out of view in the photo.

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