Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another very special doggie

This little pup was Ella's very first toy! When we were in Georgia last year and I was just baaaarely pregnant, and sick as a, wait for it . . . . dog, I was at McDonald's with my mom and sister (for some reason Mickey-D's cheeseburgers were one of my few morning-sickness-safe foods, mmmm) and Mom must have gotten a happy meal or something. How did that go again? Anyway, somehow we got this doggie at McDonalds and Mom gave it to me for "the baby" as "its" very first toy. I stuck it in the purse I was using then and forgot about it til I was cleaning out my purses to give away a few weeks ago. Ella has been really enjoying him! (Very tasty!) How fun to think back on our long wait for little Ellie!

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