Friday, October 01, 2010

Brave Lucie

Lucie is just such a good doggie. It is so fun to watch her relationship with Ella develop. They are interacting more and more as Ella is able to crawl into her bed or chase her around the living room (slowly). It is really cute. Lots of people ask if Lucie is good with Ella, and she really is. However let me just reassure anyone out there who may worry about such a big doggie and such a little girl that we never forget that Lucie is an animal and not to be trusted with expensive throw pillows, let alone precious tiny girls. I am always right there when they play.

Anyway, our fierce, brave Lucie found a new possible threat in the house today. Watch below as she examines it closely, but then in the end determines that whatever it is, her own toys are way better. Enjoy!

Oh my silly Lucie. We McCall girls have good times.

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