Friday, October 29, 2010

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

What a fun day! Gramma is here and we took a trip to the zoo. Do you know that song? "Mama's takin' us to the zooooo tomorrow and we can stay all day . . ." Anyway, it was one of the most relaxing trips to the zoo I have ever had. Sidenote: when I was growing up we lived in Florida and we went to Disney World all the time. It was always super exhausting until I realized, it is an amusement park. I started just coming in with the same attitude I take when I go to the park, you know just hang out and find something fun to do. And wow, there happen to be these great rides! It was so much better than having a frantic to-do list of all the rides we had to hit in the allotted amount of time. Back to main story: It was like that at the zoo today. We just treated it as a cool park to hang out in where they happen to have elephants

and zebras

But also, nice wooded spots to spread out blankets, crawl around and eat cheerios

while Mom and Gramma play papparazi. : ) (Check out the double camera action!)


We had a really nice day and we got home in time for dinner and we are not exhausted. Plenty of energy for more fun tomorrow. Woo!

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