Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween costume

This weekend I went through another Mama rite of passage. I made Ella a costume for Halloween. She was a pink elephant. (Paul and I had kind of gone back and forth about whether we wanted to "celebrate" a holiday with such a dark meaning. But what it came down to is that we really wanted to put her in a costume because dressing Ella up is the most fun thing ever. I mean goodness knows plenty of people put up Christmas trees and play Santa without setting one foot into spiritual territory at Christmastime. That's what we decided to do with Halloween.) My mom helped me get started. Believe it or not, this whole entire costume is derived from one pink pant leg she found at the Scrap Exchange. Let me warn you, this is a homemade costume and you do have to use your imagination a little bit. : )

As you can see, Ella had a fabulous time too.We only made her wear the hat twice for about 30 seconds each. I know she suffered. But she brought so much joy to those around her! What a good sport, and sweet little pink baby elephant!

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